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HR Advisory Portfolios





Academic and Provost


  • International Office
  • International Student Initiative
  • Institutional Program Office
  • PAIR
  • Provost Office
  • St. John’s College
  • Strategic and Decision Support
  • Sustainability Initiative
  • UBC Emeritus College
  • Vantage
  • VP International Office
Laura Lockyer-Cotter Greg Goana Catalina Canon
Allard School of Law Ashley Stein Anton de Bruyn  
alumni UBC/Alumni Association Robyn Campol Anton de Bruyn Klodiana Kondo
Animal Care Ashley Stein Greg Goana Catalina Canon
Applied Science, Faculty of Megan Wallace Greg Goana Sarah De Vita
Architecture and Landscape Architecture, School of Megan Wallace Greg Goana Sarah De Vita
Arts, Faculty of Kathryn Stagg Anna Busch Sarah McDonagh
Jessica Zanette
Athletics & Recreation Penny Penner Greg Goana Andrea Sherrington
Building Operations Matthew Furgal Greg Goana Daisy Chan
Gregor MacDonald
Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology Maggie Sun Greg Goana Catalina Canon
Chief Audit and Risk Office Maggie Sun Greg Goana Catalina Canon
Community and Regional Planning, School of Megan Wallace Greg Goana Sarah De Vita
Comptroller’s Office Liana Chang Greg Goana Daisy Chan
Development & Alumni Engagement Robyn Campol Anton de Bruyn Klodiana Kondo
Development & Alumni Engagement: DAE Services Danielle Chandler Anton de Bruyn Klodiana Kondo
Dentistry, Faculty of Catalina Policzer Greg Goana  
Education, Faculty of Ashley Stein Anton de Bruyn  
Energy and Water Matthew Furgal   Daisy Chan
Gregor MacDonald
Enrolment Services Ashley Stein Greg Goana  
Extended Learning Maggie Sun Greg Goana Catalina Canon
External Relations Danielle Chandler Anton de Bruyn Klodiana Kondo
Financial Operations Liana Chang Greg Goana Daisy Chan
Gregor MacDonald
First Nations House of Learning Maggie Sun Greg Goana Catalina Canon
Forestry, Faculty of Catalina Policzer Greg Goana  
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Faculty of Ashley Stein Anton de Bruyn  
Green College Ashley Stein Anton de Bruyn  
Human Resources Linda Fischer Greg Goana  
Information Technology (UBC IT) Cindy Erikson
Jenny Mackay
Greg Goana Kay Chu
Elena Yushko
Infrastructure Development Matthew Furgal Greg Goana Daisy Chan
Gregor MacDonald
Integrated Renewal Program Beverley Babey Ileana Vazquez Esther Lai
Danille Lew
Journalism, School of Kathryn Stagg Anna Busch Jessica Zanette
Kinesiology, School of Ashley Stein Anton de Bruyn  
Land and Food Systems, Faculty of Catalina Policzer Greg Goana  
Library Kristi Latell Greg Goana  
Library, Archival and Information Studies, School of Kathryn Stagg Anna Busch Jessica Zanette
Medicine, Faculty of


  • Medical Animal Facilities
  • Anaesthesia, Pharmacology & Therapeutics
  • BC Centre on Substance Use
  • Biomedical Research Centre
  • Centre for Brain Health
  • Centre for Health Evaluation & Outcome Sciences
  • BC Centre for Disease Control
  • Centre for Healthcare Innovation and Improvement
  • Dermatology & Skin Sciences
  • Digital Emergency Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Family Practice and Sports Medicine & Midwifery
  • Human Early Learning Partnership
  • Centre for Health Services and Policy Research
  • Institute for Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis
  • Department of Medicine
  • Orthopaedics
  • Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy
  • Population Data BC
  • Physical Therapy
  • Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • School of Population & Public Health
Ekjot Dhatt Param Ghuman  
Medicine, Faculty of


  • School of Audiology & Speech Sciences
  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Cellular & Physiological Sciences
  • Centre for Blood Research
  • Centre for Health Education Scholarship
  • Centre for Hip Health & Mobility
  • Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Dean’s Office: MEDD, MEDU, MEDP, FDVL
  • Medical Genetics
  • MPRL James Hogg iCapture Centre
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
  • Paediatrics
  • Pathology
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiology
  • Surgery
  • Urologic Sciences
  • Vaccine Evaluation Centre
  • Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute
Pui Lam Param Ghuman  
Music, School of Kathryn Stagg Anna Busch Jessica Zanette
Okanagan campus Janna Fisk
Terri Jones
Ruth Calnan
Danielle Pannu
Jennifer Van Aller
Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Catalina Policzer Anton de Bruyn  
President’s Office Laura Lockyer-Cotter Greg Goana Catalina Canon
Research and Innovation


  • Advanced Research Computing
  • Finance & Institutional Program Office
  • Plant Care Facility
  • Research Finance
  • Sequencing & Bioinformatices Consotrium
  • VPRI Office
Laura Lockyer-Cotter Greg Goana Catalina Canon
Research and Innovation


  • e@UBC
  • Indigenous Research Support Initiative
  • Office of Corporate Relations
  • Office of Research Services
  • Office of Research Ethics
  • Peter Wall Institute
  • UBC Press
  • UILO
Maggie Sun Greg Goana Catalina Canon
Safety and Risk Services Liana Chang Greg Goana Daisy Chan
Gregor MacDonald
Sauder School of Business Catalina Policzer Greg Goana  
Science, Faculty of Jennifer Woloshyn Anton de Bruyn  
Social Work, School of Kathryn Stagg Anna Busch Jessica Zanette
Student Development and Services


  • Access and Diversity
  • Centre for Student Involvement and Careers
  • Centre for Community Engagement
  • Counselling Services
  • International Student Development
  • Student Communication Services
  • Student Conduct and Safety
  • Student Health Services
Penny Penner Greg Goana Andrea Sherrington
Student Hospitality and Housing


  • Child Care Services
  • Concessions
  • Mobile Operations
  • Point Grill
  • Residence Life
  • Retail – Food Services
  • Sage
  • Scholar’s Catering
David Sandoe Greg Goana Laura Nolan
Krista Power
Student Hospitality and Housing


  • Conferences and Accommodation
  • Facilities and Building Services
  • Residence Dining – Food Services
Sarah Dixon Greg Goana Laura Nolan
Krista Power
Treasury Liana Chang Greg Goana Daisy Chan
Gregor MacDonald
University Community Services Bookstore + Campus Mail: Sarah Dixon
Parking + Access: David Sandoe
Greg Goana Henrietta McMillan
Vancouver School of Economics Kathryn Stagg Anna Busch Jessica Zanette
Vice President Health Office Laura Lockyer-Cotter Greg Goana Catalina Canon

If you are unsure which Advisor or Associate to speak with, please call our HR Service Centre at 604-822-8111 for assistance.

Advisory Services Contact Information

Beverley Babey
HR Manager
beverley.babey@ubc.ca 604-827-0630
Aizhan Baiterekova
HR Assistant
aizhan.baiterekova@ubc.ca 604-822-9279
Gina Blaeser
HR Coordinator
gina.blaeser@ubc.ca 604-822-0818
Ashley Bloor
HR Associate, Okanagan
ashley.bloor@ubc.ca 250-807-8833
Kasia Burza
HR Coordinator
kasia.burza@ubc.ca 604-822-1123
Anna Busch
HR Associate
anna.busch@ubc.ca 604-822-4233
Ruth Calnan
HR Associate, Okanagan
ruth.calnan@ubc.ca 250-807-9879
Robin Campol
HR Manager
robyn.campol@ubc.ca 604-822-9739
Catalina Canon
HR Coordinator
catalina.canon@ubc.ca 604-822-8687
Daisy Chan
HR Advisor
daisy.chan@ubc.ca 604-822-0453
Danielle Chandler
HR Manager
danielle.chandler@ubc.ca 604-827-4121
Liana Chang
HR Manager
liana.chang@ubc.ca 604-822-3647
Kay Chu
HR Coordinator
kay.chu@ubc.ca 604-827-2116
Sarah De Vita
HR Managerr
sarah.devita@ubc.ca 604-827-2004
Ekjot Dhatt
HR Advisor
ekjot.dhatt@ubc.ca 604-822-8649
Sarah Dixon
HR Manager
sarah.dixon@ubc.ca 604-827-1978
Heather Dunn
HR Advisor
heather.dunn.hr@ubc.ca 604-827-0276
Cindy Erikson
HR Advisor
cindy.erikson@ubc.ca 604-827-2614
Janna Fisk
HR Advisor, Okanagan
janna.fisk@ubc.ca 250-807-9596
Matthew Furgal
HR Advisor
matthew.furgal@ubc.ca 604-827-2443
Param Ghuman
HR Associate
param.ghuman@ubc.ca 604-822-5803
Greg Goana
HR Associate
gregory.goana@ubc.ca 604-822-3290
Masa Ishida
HR Assistant (Service Centre)
masa.ishida@ubc.ca 604-822-8139
Terri Jones
HR Advisor, Okanagan
terri.jones@ubc.ca 250-807-8619
Alana Jordan
Senior HR Associate, Okanagan
alana.jordan@ubc.ca 250-807-9819
Shauna Jordan
Hiring Solutions Outreach Manager
shauna.jordan@ubc.ca 604-827-1741
Arvind Kang
HR Advisor
arvind.s.kang@ubc.ca 604-827-6581
Pooja Khandelwal
Director, Career Retention, Navigation and Transition
pooja.khandelwal@ubc.ca 604-827-1471
Leah Kim
Talent Acquisition and Engagement Business Manager, Hiring Solutions
leah.kim@ubc.ca 604-822-8115
Klodiana Kondo
Human Resources Specialist
klodiana.kondo@ubc.ca 604-822-4718
Wendy Kutasiewich
Customer Relations & Staff Engagement Manager, Hiring Solutions
wendy.kutasiewich@ubc.ca 604-827-1736
Paul Kwon
Finance Manager, Hiring Solutions
paul.kwon@ubc.ca 604-822-8145
Sonia Lachar
Senior Manager, Human Resources, Facilities
sonia.lachar@ubc.ca 604-822-5873
Esther Lai
HR Coordinator (on leave)
esther.lai@ubc.ca 604-822-0818
Pui Lam
HR Advisor
pui.lam@ubc.ca 604-822-0628
Kristi Latell
HR Manager
kristi.latell@ubc.ca 604-822-1852
Rachel Lau
HR Administration Assistant
rachel.lau@ubc.ca 604-827-2552
Laura Lockyer-Cotter
HR Advisor
laura.lockyer-cotter@ubc.ca 604-822-1410
Gregor Macdonald
HR Coordinator
gregor.macdonald@ubc.ca 604-822-2289
Jenny Mackay
HR Manager
jenny.mackay@ubc.ca 604-827-1659
Tanaya Marsel
HR Manager, Okanagan
tanaya.marsel@ubc.ca 250-807-8439
Sarah Mcdonagh
Senior HR Coordinator
sarah.mcdonagh@ubc.ca 604-822-9062
Henrietta McMillan
HR Coordinator
henrietta.mcmillan@ubc.ca 604-822-5100
Jocelyn Meyer
Career Navigation Consultant
jocelyn.meyer@ubc.ca 604-822-1471
Laura Nolan
HR Coordinator
laura.nolan@ubc.ca 604-827-2744
Danielle Pannu
HR Associate, Okanagan
danielle.pannu@ubc.ca 250-807-9879
Penny Penner
HR Manager
penny.penner@ubc.ca 604-822-8933
Catalina Policzer
HR Advisor
catalina.policzer@ubc.ca 604-827-4514
Krista Power
HR Manager, Recruitment and Health Promotion
krista.power@ubc.ca 604-827-4347
Shailander Rawat
Administration Assistant
shailander.rawat@ubc.ca 604-822-8995
Maria Salim
Talent Acquisition Associate
maria.salim@ubc.ca 604-822-5656
Eilaf Samiea
HR Administrative Assistant
eilaf.samiea@ubc.ca 604-827-3481
David Sandoe
HR Manager
david.sandoe@ubc.ca 604-822-6416
Andrea Sherrington
HR Coordinator
andrea.sherrington@ubc.ca 604-827-0617
Kathryn Stagg
HR Director
kathryn.stagg@ubc.ca 604-822-3788
Ashley Stein
HR Advisor
ashley.stein@ubc.ca 604-827-0614
Maggie Sun
HR Advisor
maggie.sun@ubc.ca 604-827-0078
Melissa Thuyen
HR Manager (on leave)
melissa.thuyen@ubc.ca 604-827-2614
Jennifer Van Aller
HR Associate, Okanagan
jennifer.vanaller@ubc.ca 250-807-8833
Ileana Vazquez
HR Coordinator
ileana.vazquez@ubc.ca 604-827-4440
Megan Wallace
HR Director
megan.wallace@ubc.ca 604-822-2252
Jennifer Woloshyn
HR Advisor
jennifer.woloshyn@ubc.ca 604-822-8984
Elena Yushko
HR Coordinator
elena.yushko@ubc.ca 604-822-1392
Jessica Zanette
Senior HR Coordinator
jessica.zanette@ubc.ca 604-822-2962
Anton de Bruyn
HR Associate
anton.debruyn@ubc.ca 604-822-8995

Employee Relations

Sandra Blackmore
Senior Employee Relations Advisor
sandra.blackmore@ubc.ca 604-822-5034
Kristin Cacchioni
Senior Manager, Employee & Faculty Relations, Okanagan
kristin.cacchioni@ubc.ca 250-807-8296
Neelu Chauhan
Senior Employee Relations Manager
neelu.chauhan@ubc.ca 604-822-8697
Lindi Frost
Executive Director, Employee and Labour Relations
lindi.frost@ubc.ca 604-822-8144
Hassib Hasanzadeh
Employee Relations Advisor
hassib.hasanzadeh@ubc.ca 604-827-1550
Davinder Hothi
Administation Assistant
davinder.hothi@ubc.ca 604-822-8983
Korey Onyskevitch
Senior Manager, Employee Relations
konyskev@mail.ubc.ca 604-822-8128
Effie Taylor
Senior Employee Relations Advisor
effie.taylor@ubc.ca 604-822-8129
Leah Terai
Senior Manager, Employee & Faculty Relations, Okanagan
leah.terai@ubc.ca 250-807-8029
Michael Vizsolyi
Director, Employee & Labour Relations
michael.vizsolyi@ubc.ca 604-822-9142

HR Directors

Lindi Frost  

Managing Director, HR – Advisory Partnerships; Central Operations and HR Professional Standards



Jeeva DelRaj
Director, Human Resources, Information Technology
jeeva.delraj@ubc.ca 604-822-9059
Gerry Doiron
Director, Strategic Operations & Engagement, Hiring Solutions
gerry.doiron@ubc.ca 604-822-9465
Linda Fischer
Executive Director, Advisory Partnerships and Professional Standards
linda.fischer@ubc.ca 604-822-4341
Gillian Henderson
Executive Director, Human Resources, Okanagan
gillian.henderson@ubc.ca 250-807-8618
Irene Hensel
Director, Human Resources, DAE
irene.hensel@ubc.ca 604-827-4700
Keith Kawa
Director, Human Resources, Office of the Vice-President Students
keith.kawa@ubc.ca 604-827-2743
Karen Oyhenart
Director, Human Resources, VPFO, and Comptroller Advisory
karen.oyhenart@ubc.ca 604-822-4122
Patrizia Todaro
Director, Human Resources, President’s Office, VP Academic, VP Research & Innovation, and VP Health
patrizia.todaro@ubc.ca 604-822-9889
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